When thinking about the red colour the first thing that comes to mind is usually love, sex, lust, strength, anger, blood, violence  -  among others.  However, this colour  is much more than that. Today's post is about the advantages of wearing red:

1.    Red is the colour of action, of physical movements;  in fact, it is the most physical of all colours. It is proven that  it  raises the  rate  of  your heart  and  stimulates you to work out stronger. Do you have a song that makes you run faster at the gym? I guess you do… Wearing red within your work out outfit fuels you as much as the song does; it stimulates your muscles to react faster and makes you feel active and more energetic when exercising.    

2.     Do you want to make a good first impression in a work interview? Do you have an important meeting? Red is your colour!! It indicates good leadership qualities and helps your self-confidence during work performance plus it reflects competence and responsibility. 

3.     Are you going to an event where the guy you like is going to be? Red will definitely help you attract his attention. According to scientists, women in red are more attractive to men as the colour increases the female gender’s sex appeal and makes them look more approachable.

4.     Self-confidence is a characteristic that many people lack; women with low self-esteem tend to wear dark and sad colours; they tend to avoid wearing striking colours. However, it is a proven that wearing red helps women to feel better about themselves: it provides them with energetic and positive feelings; increasing their self-esteem. They are able to radiate that confidence towards the people around them, and – as mentioned before – they seem to be more approachable. 

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5.     And final reason? Well, red is a colour that transcends seasons, it goes well either with winter or summer, and there are so many different shades of red that makes this colour suitable for every single skin tone. 

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Author - Ester Pintor Violero