With temperatures dropping, academic year in a full start, we must admit the hidden cruelty of "winter is coming".... In this post we will discuss Winter people and colours that suit them best.

Not many people know that as we divide the year into four different seasons, we do the same with people! There are spring, summer, autumn and winter people!

However, I would not say summer people resemble the likes of Daenerys from Game of Thrones and winter people Sansa Stark. Not quite like that. 

People belong to a different season according to their skin, hair and eye colour.

As winter is coming, we will discuss WINTER PEOPLE. Did you know that the vast majority of individuals around the world  belong to the coldest season?

Winter  people  are all  about  the contrast;  they can have dark  hair and dark skin but they will have a striking contrast between the iris and the eye white. They can also be very pale and have dark hair -  Snow White style . Regarding eyes,  they can be brown, blue or any colour as long as they are deep colours. However, winter people will have  that significant  contrast  already  mentioned between the iris and the eye whites. 

Some winter people you should know:

Anne Hathaway, Catherine Zeta Jones, Halle Berry and Penelope Cruz and many others. 

What colours look better on winter people?

Sharp and bright colours like royal blue, emerald green and red; however winter people are the ones that wear black, grey, navy or white at its best.

Michaela Frankova offers a wide range of dresses and outfits that would look great on winter people; these are some examples worn by some women from the coldest variety: 

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And one last tip for winter people: do not use yellow tones for make-up, as it will make your skin look sallow!! Go for a nice peach or rose tone for blush that will beautifully enhance your face!!!


Author - Ester Pintor Violero  

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