Michaela Frankova's SS17 Collection

More than a month ago everything was all about London Fashion Week and its international scope; now that LFW is over, it is about the colours and trends that blossomed at the shows in fashion cities around the world and will be portrayed in the upcoming Spring and Summer 2017.

As you all know, seasons involve much more than just new trends: off the shoulder dresses, crop tops, vermillion red or coral... In general, upcoming seasons mean new inspiration, new sketches, new fabrics, colours, patterns and new collaborations.

Fashion industry is considered one of the most difficult industries to work in.  

Currently there are many designers and brands that are already settled in the market, which makes the rise of new ones huge challenge.

Creative directors have to be very original to stand out from the already big established brands.  

In the eyes of nascent couturier Michaela Frankova, to dress up is to ascend. The right garment can catapult a woman from invisible to unforgettable.  On September 17,  in the Amba Hotel, Frankova presented her collection of bespoke tailored dresses alongside luxury ready-to-wear garments during the internationally renowned London Fashion Week. 


For Spring / Summer 2017 - Michaela did not only combine her usual fabrics in the latest collection called ‘Seductive Explosions’, but also surprised the public with her collaboration with the digital artist T-Mo Bauer.

The clothing line is a collection in the truest sense of the word. Designed to mix and match with one another, the pieces offer the client a range of sartorial options. They are ‘collectible’ in that they can be worn with various other pieces in the range. Owning several pieces from gives the client the choice from multiple outfits, suitable for a variety of occasions. It is possible to invest in several pieces yet have the option of a multitude of outfits. 

Michaela’s match between her sexy and modern Hollywood style and the digital revolution captured in prints by T-Mo Bauer has been regarded as a match made in heaven. 

Describing her latest designs, Frankova said , “This collection seeks to empower women and make them feel and look their best no matter what the occasion.” 

Price range from £250 - £1000

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Author - Ester Pintor Violero