10 Steps to overcome post holiday blues!

Feeling absolutely depressed after your holidays? Cannot stand to look at pictures on facebook of everyone being on the beach except for you?

Coming back to that routine and work can be very hard. It can lead to a bad mood, laziness and even depression. 

This is why we recommend you to follow these 10 steps to get over holiday blues:

1. Take it easy once you're back from holidays:

Do not put a lot of pressure on you the first weeks after you’re back. Try to take it easy at work; don’t do too many hours so you still have time during the rest of your day for yourself and try not to volunteer at work to do some challenging task or projects. 

2. Eat well during your holidays and after:

This doesn't mean you can't eat sugar or junk food at all; holidays are a good time to enjoy yourself and it's usually the time to treat yourself with some of your favourite cravings. However,  try to stick to healthy but tasty meals during your holidays. Many people tend to eat a lot of sugar and junk food for a week and then feel guilty after and try very strictly to go back to their healthy routines, which makes going back to real life worse. If you eat healthy while on vacation and then continue that routine when you're back, it will ease getting back to your normal life. 

3. Try new things:

This step involves many different things. When I say try new things I mean try new and fresh recipes at home, new gym classes, discover a restaurant that you didn’t even knew existed or even a street full of nice cafés, restaurants and stores, read a new book.  Don’t stay at home doing the same things that get you into that boring routine. 

4. Spend time outdoors:

One of the reason we feel so well when on holiday is because we spend a lot of time outdoors and once we’re back, we spend too much time indoors, at the office or at home. Get yourself outside as much as you can; go and have breakfast in the park; go for a walk; do any anything that requires you to be under the natural light as much as you can.

5. Be a bit selfish and enjoy yourself:

When you go on holidays, you don’t tend to do that alone, you usually go with your family or friends. Therefore, once you’re back, take advantage and meet your friends, go to the gym or sign up for a new meet up group. 

6. Exercise:

Who doesn’t feel good after a nice work out?? When you exercise, you feel really good and positive after. That is the type of feeling you need after you’re back from your vacation; plus is the best way to get rid of those extra kilos that came back with you and it’s another good way of not feeling trap between work and home. There are only pluses!!

7. Bring some souvenirs with you:

Souvenirs can remind you the amazing time you had while away from work. It’s always good to remember the good times, even when you are having a stressful moment at work or at home, just look at the souvenir and relax; remembering the fun you had will help you to release stress. Plus who doesn’t like to collect souvenirs from all the places you have been?? 

8. Plan your next holiday:

I know, it sounds way to soon to start planning your next trip after you just came back, however it is a good thing to do. Thinking of your next holidays, even if they are still far away, helps you to go throughout your day-to-day activities, as your mind is somewhere else than just work. 

9. Plan some activities:

Dont you like having anything other to do besides day-to-day tasks? Get yourself out, plan dinners with close friends in a nice restaurant or invite them to your place. Go to see a new play at your city or attend a nice food festival. If you are bored, it’s because you want to be. There is always something to do out there, so don’t miss it out! 

10. Treat yourself:

Going back to reality is hard so why don’t you treat yourself?? One of the things that will make you feel better is getting a new dress, a brand new shoes or a trendy blazer. That satisfaction feeling when we leave the store with the latest buy…. 

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Author - Ester Pintor Violero