With September coming soon, the fashion vibes are closer than ever and with a new season ahead us many more venues are opening in the city. So, what better than wearing a new dress to a brand new restaurant?? 

April’s Café

A new different cafe/restaurant is opening its doors in September in London; Pablo Flack and David Waddington from Bistrotheque are in charge of this breakfast and lunch restaurant at the bran new Boutique 1 – previously in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Beirut – now in Sloane Street.

Some of its exquisite products will be: 

Polenta bread, maple butter or strained yoghurt!!  Can wait to give it a bite!

Perfect outfit for April's Café:

We paired the beautiful golden lace dress from Michaela Frankova  with Christian Louboutin nude shoes and Hartwood England handmade clutch. 

Gold lace dress with long sleeves

This beautiful couture piece is made out of golden lace from France, best quality, middle part is 80% triacetato and 100% silk lining. Very unique, exclusive and exciting. Long sleeves and lace will keep you warm even in autumn time. Perfect dress for New Year's Eve party or Christmas. Published in Vouge UK. 

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Elystan Street Restaurant

Phil Howard, the top chef who received two Michelin Stars for The Square,  is this September opening the new restaurant: Elystan Street, in Chelsea.

Phil who once declared he has “unfinished business with food”, is working hard to prepare a well-crafted and original menu. 

What to wear at Elystan Street Restaurant:

Exclusive lace dress with feathers

This unique cocktail dress will turn any woman into a star for the night. Instantly. Perfect party designer dress. Flattering to any body shape or any size. consists of embroidered lace top, silk binding and beaded feather skirt made out of black chiffon fabric. 100% Silk lining. Lace 50% Visc 50% P/mide. Due to delicate hand made embroidery work, allow at least 7 days before shipping. Very exclusive. Handmade in UK.

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We chose the perfect flattering dress with embroidered lace and beaded feather skirt from Michaela Frankova  with matching black Gucci heels and Diane Von Furstenberg black clutch. 


This upcoming restaurant situated between Holborn and Covent Garden is a creation of  Paulo de Tarso and Nicolas Jaouën, both well known within the hospitality industry.

What is the most interesting about this restaurant?? Well… They will let you choose the size of each of your courses so you can tailor the menu to your liking!!!!!

Another 'must' restaurant to check in September!


What to wear when visiting Margot:

We love flower manipulated dress with lace top from Michaela Frankova accompanied by a black Salvatore Ferragamo bag and Armani Heels.


More restaurants coming???  Many more!!! The next two are also a small insight of what is to come later on: 


Sushi Samba in Covent Garden

For all sushi lovers, Sushi Samba in Covent Garden sounds like a super nice plan for an evening out, but unfortunately we still have to wait till early 2017 to see its door opening in the Opera Terrace.

Not even a small glimpse of the menu yet, but we all know that their famous mix of Japanese, Brazilian and Peruvian food can't get any better.


Barbecoa Piccadilly

Due to the success of Jaime Oliver’s first Barbecoa restaurant, which became his biggest hit till the present, he is now opening a second venue at the centre of the city, which is going to be even bigger than the original with two floors!! Can you even imagine????

And when would you be able to eat there???

Well, the exact date is still TBC but it will be before the end of 2016, so not too long!!!! 

Are you ready for new dishes ??? 

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Author - Ester Pintor Violero