When work takes most of our time, social life becomes a difficult task to manage. However, when finally arranging a friendly dinner, we realise that our working outfit it is not exactly what we really wish to wear to impress; you never know, you might meet someone interesting... 

Last week when Michaela and I finished work, we went for an afternoon tea at the stunning and breathtaking Corinthia Hotel London. 

What an experience!!! Beautiful hotel, lovely and friendly team and perfect service.

Not having time to change, we decided to add just one thing to our working outfits, that would transform it into an evening one. 

Michaela was wearing a nice white blouse, fitted red trousers - of her own collection - and she added a delicate black evening jacket. 

I was wearing a white blouse with a black pencil skirt. But what did I added? A fabulous black and white hand-made embroidery cape from Frankova's collection. 

These two garments gave the work outfit a completely turn around to a perfect evening dinner. 

Want a few more tips ????

These are our two choices of how to style what we were wearing: 

This look, however, needs beautiful black and white Yull shoes and a medium size black  Calvin Klein bag


Ester Pintor Violero



Handmade embroidered cape

This simple delicately hand embroidered cape is made out of 100% silk organza and has small beautiful buttons at the back. Embroidery is achived in an atelier in France and takes 3 weeks, which makes it very exclusive. Allow 4 weeks for delivery. Can be made in sizes 8, 10, 12, 14 and 16 UK. Wondering how to go from work to evening bar in a few minutes? Wear this cape on top of any dress, work dress, long or cocktail. 

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