"Be resourceful, be generous, and let's do something special here tonight"; these were the motivational words of the Dream Ball founder - Annesley Abercorn - during its inspirational and powerful speech at the Lancaster House the past 7th July. 

This year's black tie gala was about aspiration and help towards young people that come from difficult backgrounds to fulfil their potential. The Dream Ball charities, alongside Prince's Trust and Big Change delivered, throughout the event, their strong and meaningful motto: it does not matter where you come from, but it is about where you are going and that anyone should be able to rise above their circumstance of their birth to achieve what they want in life.

Fashion, is probably one of the most difficult worlds to get into, and it is a difficult industry for many with a normal or even wealthy background, let along for those in disadvantage.  Therefore it is amazing when fashion gets involved in these projects to help people to become what they really want to be. 

The Dream Ball aim was to rise money for the mentioned charities, therefore it carried out an auction with some pieces of art; nevertheless, it also involved the fashion industry as custom-made garments, that at least took over 50 hours of hand tailoring, were donated and put under the hammer:

- A suit made by the one and only David Mason - James Bond tailor.

- And a stunning three pieces outfit created by Michaela Frankova using the finest materials made to fit the client. 

Just the creation donated by the two fashion designers raised £5,000 for the people in need charities.


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Ester Pintor Violero

Detachable organza train

This super light skirt/train is made out of silk chiffon and can be attached to any cocktail dress or trousers/top to transform a dress to an evening gown for the ball. Very unique and modern. You can mix and match with many outfits in your closet to create completely different and unique look. Very popular, light to travel with. 

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