5 Style Tricks To Look Taller

Many of us experienced the situations when we wanted to look taller and while we may not be able to change the stature that nature gave us, the right clothes and accessories can actually help to fake those extra inches.

The main rule to remember when choosing the right clothes is trying to create a long, vertical line with as few visual interruptions as possible!

#1 Wear heels with a low-cut vamp

One of the easiest and obvious ways to appear taller is to wear high heels. However, avoid chunky shoes and aim for a pair of stilettos with a low-cut vamp ideally matching your skin tone. It will create an illusion of mile-long legs. 

#2 Wear a maxi dress

For some reason, so many people think that short women shouldn’t wear long floor-grazing skirts or dresses. But in fact, a well fitted maxi dress can make you appear taller. Just keep in mind that you should go for dresses which will create a long vertical line. Don’t wear anything with too many pleats or layers. Also make sure that the hemline is as long as you can go without tripping. 

#3 Wear one colour head-to-toe

Wearing the same colour from head-to-toe creates the illusion of height as it helps to create a vertical line. Keep the silhouette crisp and tailored. 

#4 Wear your hair up

Piling your hair on top of your head gives a taller impression as it again creates a more vertical line. 

#5 Wear V-necks

Tops with plunging V necklines give the illusion of a longer, leaner torso which elongate your silhouette and help you to appear taller. 

These Michaela's dresses tick all the boxes and wearing them you not only going to appear taller and slimmer but you will also have everyone's eyes on you. 

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