Michaela Frankova is a couture designer based in London. She studied at prestigious London College of Fashion and has over 8 years' experience working  in the global fashion industry. 

In the fashion studio in London, she is offering Bespoke evening wear dress and bespoke bridal service with multiple fittings and personal ball gown designed specifically for a client, or a Rental dress service of selected dresses for events. You are free to get fitted in a studio in Hampstead, London or simply send us your measurements and we will post the dress if you live abroad and cannot make it to the fitting. In our online shop, you can purchase ready to wear dresses in standard sizes. 


As soon as you take your first step into the studio, all attention will be focused solely on you. While looking at fabric samples and swatches, you will be measured and the designer will listen to your every wish. You will also have the opportunity to review a variety of sketches, designs and fabric swatches. Tailored directly to your needs, the designer will create an exquisite dress for you. Your bespoke dress will be made to fit you perfectly.  


In the eyes of nascent couturier Michaela Frankova, to dress up is to ascend. The right garment can catapult a woman from invisible to unforgettable.  

Frankova’s appreciation for the transformative power of clothes flourished during her early years growing up in a conservative household in her native Slovakia.  Growing up watching films from the Golden Age of Hollywood and studying the stars of the Silver Screen reinforced Frankova’s belief that a garment is so much more than a piece of clothing. 


As half of a set of twins who dressed alike all the way into their teenage years, Frankova has particular insight into the relationship between clothing and individuality.  She is also interested in how Slavic traditional wear merges with both classic and contemporary elegance.


Decades later, after tutelage at the prestigiousLondon School of Fashion, Frankova has surpassed her early ambition to experience stylistic ascensionand now offers the opportunity for metamorphosis to her female consumers. **Frankova’s designs are also a comment on the state of contemporary fashion. It seems that casual wear dominates the female aesthetic today and women are losing touch with the magic of classic glamour. **


Digital printing combined with hand-finished embroidery has resulted in a clothing line characterised by memorable, one-of-a-kind pieces .  Frankova’s signature fabric is lace but she also has a talent for working with silk, two fabrics which embody the notion of seduction. 


The clothing line is a collection in the truest sense of the word. Designed to mix and match with one another, the pieces offer the client a range of sartorial options. They are ‘collectible’ in that they can be worn with various other pieces in the range. Owning several pieces from gives the client the choice from multiple outfits, suitable for a variety of occasions. It is possible to invest in several pieces yet have the option of a multitude of outfits. 


The collection includes everything from structured jackets and fitted evening dresses to loose, silk summer dresses which allow for day-to-evening transformations.  Although she employs a broad colour palette (which includes red, purple, pink, blue, and gold), the hues have been painstakingly selected to guarantee that the pieces all coordinate. 


            Please don't hesitate to get in touch to discuss the dress of your dreams.


- (BA) Fashion Design and Realisation, London College of Fashion